This is a list of common contractions used in the English language.

Notable contractionsEdit

Contractions Meaning
couldn't could not
didn't did not
doesn't does not
don't do not
hadn't had not
hasn't has not
haven't have not
he's he is
how'd how would
how's how is
I'd I had
I'll I will
I'm I am
I've I have
isn't is not
it'd It would
it'll it will
it's it is
let's let us
might've might have
must've must have
mustn't must not
needn't need not
shan't shall not
she'd she had / she would
she'll she shall / she will
she's she has / she is
should've should have
shouldn't should not
so's so as / so is
that's that has / that is
there's there has / there is
they'll they shall / they will
they're they are
wasn't was not
we'd we had / we would
we'll we will
we're we are
we've we have
weren't were not
what're what are
what's what has / what is
what've what have
when's when has / when is
where's where has / where is
who'll who shall / who will
who's who has / who is
why's why has / why is
won't will not
won't've will not have
would've would have
wouldn't would not
you'll you shall / you will
we're we are